Recently we were commissioned to manufacture several sets of cube commercial metal planters, of different contrast sizes.

Cube planters ready to dispatch

The client chose the simple square planter twinned with the choice of industrial looking galvanised metal for a simple contemporary look.

The first stage in manufacturing is to load the sheet metal onto our CNC punch machine.

CNC Punch machine for planters

This metal planter order was based on one of our standard planter designs, so the CAD team simply had to adjust the programs for the customer’s size requirements and send it to the punch machine where the flat pieces of the design are cut.

CNC Punch machine for planters Forms and folds

Here’s a brief time-lapse video of the cutting process.

When each part is cut, the machine cleverly auto offloads the finished metal parts onto a pallet, ready for inspection by our Quality & Assessment Supervisor. He is checking that each metal piece matches the engineering drawings and the right quantity of each part has been produced.

Quality assessment metal planter Parts of metal planters

The various cut pieces of the metal planter are taken to our press brake department where they expertly bend all the pieces into the sides and base of the planters, ready for assembly.

Bending metal planters Bending metal planters

The assembly team construct the planters, a bit like putting together a 3D jigsaw. Once constructed they are placed on a pallet and ready for despatch to the customer

Large cube metal planter Sets of commercial cube planters

These galvanised steel cube planters look great in the sunshine at Funky Plant Pots HQ!

Architectural metal planters