Did you know Constant Group (our parent company) adopted a seed from Kew Garden’s ‘Adopt a Seed’ project at the end of 2015?

Certificate for Adopt a Seed

Along with the certificate of adoption, a planter, with Pheasant’s Eye Seeds have appeared in reception for 2016.

Custom Reception Planter

The planter was designed and manufactured by our team at Funky Plant Pots. The tall pillar planter stands at over a metre in height, and is based on some of our popular commercial and reception planter designs.

Custom Metal Red Planter

This is the planter going through our on-site powder coating plant to become a bright scarlet red.

Scarlet red was chosen for the finishing colour to represent the branding of Constant Group and make a statement in reception. Our logo, along with the Group’s, were affixed to the side panels, creating a finishing touch.

Funky Plant Pot Planter

Our planter is a great example of our bespoke planter design service, and highlights to all visitors our background in British Manufacturing. This particular planter shows off how well planters can be branded to suit a corporate style. The graphics are designed and installed in-house.