Commercial planters have to last, and make an impression. They’ve to capture the attention of the visitors as well as blend into the background. Strong enough to home an aged tree, but delicate in design to not draw attention away from it.

Commercial planters

We have worked with dozens of landscape designers and architects who’ve had to consider all these quandaries in the design and application of their commercial metal planters for a site, café seating area, courtyard or even shopping plazas.

Commercial planters

We’ve found the majority of our commercial planter designs have been based on the traditional rectangular planters and troughs. The trough shape allows for a natural barrier and walkway to be formed, to help guide foot traffic to the desired locations. Troughs give a bigger surface area for branding options such as; laser cut out logos into the metalwork of the planter or vinyl applied graphics to the sides.

Commercial cafe planters

You can also combine a large rimmed collar on the trough to create an ample enough edge to integrate seating in foyers and plazas. Trough metal planters offer great flexibility.

Our quality craftsmanship coupled with a range of weather resistant and durable finishes will give you a long-lasting, durable and beautiful planter for your next commercial project.