We like to make the most of resources, and we are keen to reuse and recycle where we can at Funky Plant Pots, so when we manufactured our bespoke metal planter for our reception, we opted to make our own watering can by upcycling a milk jug. A simple upcycle of materials to create an everyday object, using inspiration from this Pin we discovered, this is how we did it…

Step One – The Milk Jug

Wash out and dry your milk jug thoroughly. Make sure you’ve no washing liquid or residue in the bottle as we don’t want to harm the growing seedlings. We opted for a 4 pint standard supermarket plastic jug.

Step One – The Milk Jug

Step Two – The Lid

With a sharp tool, such as small Torx Screwdriver that we used, thin knitting needle or a metal skewer, pierce the milk jug lid.

Step Two – The Lid Step Two – The Lid

We pierced from the inside out to allow for efficient water flow through the pierced holes.

Step Two – The Lid Step Two – The Lid

Step Three – Water

Fill the milk jug up and test it out in the sink to make sure it works ok…

Step Three – Water

Step Four – Use!

That’s it. A few simple steps to create a nifty watering can from a milk carton. We used ours today to give our seedlings a good drink of water as they’re are starting to develop.

Step Four – Use! Step Four – Use!

We’ve found plenty of gardening projects we can do with used milk cartons, so watch this space for some more Funky Plant Pot Project creations!  You can check out our latest finds and project ideas we love on Pinterest by following our Funky Plant Pot boards.