Back in December 2015 we adopted the British Pheasant’s Eye Seed through Kew Garden’s ‘Adopt a Seed’ project. At the same time, we decided to purchase a little seed packet and try to grow our own in a large reception planter, nicknamed Scarlett.

Scarlett moved outdoors

Scarlett moved outdoors once the cold snap had gone, and gets a good amount of shade (as our reception door is canopied) and sunlight through the day.

the seedlings have been growing steadily

We’re delighted the seedlings have been growing steadily, and some now reach over 5cms tall. We counted 24 shoots in total, and have been toping up with water on a regular basis.

our planter

We’ve no natural green grounds at Constant HQ, where Funky Plant Pots is based, to grow flora or fauna, so our planter makes a nice welcome change to a very industrial area. It is also a talking point for many of our visitors as we’ve a certificate supporting the Kew Gardens project in reception, as well as information about our seed planting and planter.