We have recently read a few articles from leading experts in property valuations, and this article by The Telegraph caught our eye about the benefits of a well maintained and easy to maintain garden can affect the valuation of your home.

We all know popping in a good modern kitchen, a bathroom with a walk-in shower and upgrading the windows and central heating can either add value to your home, or make it more saleable, but how much effort or thought do you put into your garden?

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Metal Troughs for the GardenSome of the key pointers we’ve read emphasise the need for a clean looking and easy to maintain garden for potential buyers; a fuss free garden is easier to upkeep, and paired alongside sheds (for outdoor storage / working) and cooking areas (for entertaining), makes for an easier sell all-round, thus increasing your sale value. It is reported in the Telegraph’s article that the value of your house can increase by up to 20%!


To create that fuss free garden, landscapers often turn to metal planters and troughs for the planting features around a hard landscaped area such as a paved patio dining area. A planter can become a feature corner to allow for blooms and blossoms to flourish while very little maintenance is required on a grassed lawn or traditional patio border.


We all know how hard decking is to upkeep, and that it often requires more attention and maintenance than a patio surface ever will. In the same headache, garden borders, complex topiaries and large inherited feature pieces echo the hard work a garden may be to maintain and upkeep. Maintaining a plant pot always appears to be easier than maintaining a patio border. When adding value to your home, and making it easier to sell, thinking of the preconceptions and harness them. Create a few key feature pieces in your garden with styled planters, and let the perception of easy-to-maintain plant pots and planters benefit you.



If the prospective home buyers can see themselves dining in the back garden, entertaining guests and easily maintaining the flora and fauna, then it’s value increases. A range of metal planters from us at Funky Plant Pots can help achieve those finishing fuss-free touches benefiting you now, and in the future when you want to sell.

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