Our Pheasant’s Eye seeds have been in full bloom over the last two to three weeks. They’re luxurious red petals are unmistakable, and the buds have been progressing through the life cycle and producing grape sized seed pods to help populate the planter next season.

Pheasant eyes have become reduced down to as a little as 20 locations across the UK, mainly in Hampshire and Wiltshire. Part of this is due to the arable farming, and part due to land once in bloom with wild flowers have been built on as well as repurposed.

Kew Garden’s Adopt a Seed project

Initiatives such as the Kew Garden’s Adopt a Seed project try to keep the seedlings archived so they’re not lost forever. A project we’re proud to support by our adoption of this seed at Christmas time.

Our seeds were planted in early December…

Our seeds were planted in early December…

And tendered for inside our reception entrance for several months while they germinated and settled in.

inside our reception entrance

Once some of the little stems started to shoot up, we popped our planter, Scarlett, outside the main reception.

Scarlett, outside the main reception.

We work in an industrial business park; so green space is somewhat lacking. To give the seeds a fighting chance, they were placed under our reception canopy which shelters them in the harsher weather (it did snow at one point remember!) and also give them some wind-break with our building and fencing down one side of the planter.

Reception Planter

Through the spring the shoots flourished into stems. We gave them constant TLC from our warehouse and logistics drivers checking on them through to our office staff giving them their regular drinks of Manchester tap water.

Seeds Growing

The summer came, as did some much needed sun and warmth and oh my how they bloomed! It seems like in two weeks our stems went from no more than 10cm tall, to our tallest this July at 40cm with buds showing through, wow.

Budding Seeds

Our seeds then started to flourish into beautiful red mini blooms…

Blooming Seeds

Pheasant Eye seeds typically can take up to a year to bloom,  in our  case about 9 months. And can grow up to 50cms, again, spot on with our little guys.

Pheasant Eye seeds

We’re pleased to see our blooms are turning into the seed pods, which are about grape size, with seeds a few millimetres bigger than a grape pip. These seeds will fall back into our planter for the next cycle of growth.

This is our planter as of July 2016…

Our Planter in July

What’s next

We’re likely to plant some extra wild flowers into the planter for the next cycle, giving the planter some further depth of colour and a more natural appearance.